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All Things New

Are you tired of a religious life that only begins and ends on that one day in the week? Do you yearn to live out a...

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Fault Lines vs Cynical Theories vs Ministers of Reconciliation

A fault line emerges in the church. Critical Race Theory is a danger to the church and society. How should Christians speak on racial justice and...

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The Trinity, Practically Speaking

The Impossible Doctrine Can a book explain the most impossible doctrine that has confounded all Christians everywhere, the Trinity. Can a book prove that the Trinity...

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John Piper drops a 752 page book titled Providence. 752 pages! This must be an author who trusts that God himself will bring readers to read...

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Universal Story: Genesis 1-11

Have you had the experience where someone comes to you with a problem and then you say, “Let's start from the beginning?” Well, we have a...

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Episode 6: Behind the Scenes

What is Reading and Readers? How did it come about? What goes into making a podcast? Where is this podcast going? All these questions and more...

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