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Redeeming Money: How God Reveals and Reorients Our Hearts

Do you struggle with money problems? Who doesn’t? What if I told you there was a quick-fix to all your money problems? Would you be interested? Well, you shouldn’t....

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The Young Christian

Duty. A word that was full of meaning 200 years ago. Less so today. Can an author from 200 years ago tell us to do our duty? And tell...

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All Things New

Are you tired of a religious life that only begins and ends on that one day in the week? Do you yearn to live out a Christian life Monday...

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Fault Lines vs Cynical Theories vs Ministers of Reconciliation

A fault line emerges in the church. Critical Race Theory is a danger to the church and society. How should Christians speak on racial justice and reconciliation? All this...

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The Trinity, Practically Speaking

The Impossible Doctrine Can a book explain the most impossible doctrine that has confounded all Christians everywhere, the Trinity. Can a book prove that the Trinity is in the...

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John Piper drops a 752 page book titled Providence. 752 pages! This must be an author who trusts that God himself will bring readers to read this book. Readers...

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Universal Story: Genesis 1-11

Have you had the experience where someone comes to you with a problem and then you say, “Let's start from the beginning?” Well, we have a lot of problems...

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Episode 6: Behind the Scenes

What is Reading and Readers? How did it come about? What goes into making a podcast? Where is this podcast going? All these questions and more answered in today's...

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Bloodline: Tracing God’s Rescue Mission from Eden to Eternity

How important is the cross in the Bible? Christians say it is of utmost importance. The whole Bible, all 66 books point to the cross. Can you prove this?...

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