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The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Carl Trueman

The evangelical world has no shortage of scandals. But are you ready for the real scandal? The real scandal of the evangelical mind? Hi, my name is Terence and...

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“The Care of Souls by Harold L. Senkbeil” and “Pastoral Leadership by Harold L. Senkbeil and Lucas V. Woodford”

Every pastor who has served 50 years in ministry should be legally compelled to write a book. After so many years of faithful service to the Lord, they should...

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One Year Old!

Reading and Readers is officially one year old! Hi, my name is Terence and I’m your host for Reading and Readers, a podcast where I review Christian books for...

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The Possibility of Prayer: Finding Stillness with God in a Restless World by John Starke

I’m recording this 2 hours before I am supposed to publish. It’s been a busy week. Lots of deadlines, lots of work. My to-do list looks more like a...

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A Walk with God: An Exposition of Luke’s Gospel by R.C. Sproul

The Gospel of Luke is a favourite for many Christians, including R.C. Sproul. In today’s book he guides the reader through this beloved gospel, the way Luke wrote it,...

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“Short Prayers to Change Your Life” & “Timeless Hymns for Family Worship”

Prayers don’t have to be long. We can learn and grow from the short prayers of the saints. Hymns don’t have to be boring. Hymns can be timeless and...

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Redeeming Our Thinking About History by Vern S. Poythress

The Russian invasion of Ukraine echoes the German invasion of Europe 80 years ago. Both Putin and Hitler recite history to justify the war. When a holocaust memorial was...

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Finding the Right Hills to Die On by Gavin Ortlund

A man walks into the ICU saying, “Help me, I can’t breathe”. A little girl walks in at the same time saying, “Help me, I have a splinter in...

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God, Technology and the Christian Life by Tony Reinke

Have you seen this meme before? The first picture is a boy with polio, followed by a picture of scientists working hard in a lab, and concludes with “Science...

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