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The Message of Discipleship by Peter Morden

In every church you will hear that the most important thing is discipleship. “Get discipleship right, and you get everything else right”, “Christians are disciples of Jesus” and so...

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Romans (Interpretation Bible Commentary) by Paul J. Achtemeier

While others collect seashells, I collect interpretations. And I seem to have a growing collection of interpretations on Romans. And today’s book offers a different definition of righteousness, a...

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A Christian’s Guide to Mental Illness by David Murray and Tom Karel Jr.

If you need a guide to navigate through mental illness for yourself or someone you know. Today’s book is for you. Hi, my name is Terence and I’m your...

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When Worlds Collide: Where is God? by R.C. Sproul

9/11 was a singular event. For a moment it united America like nothing else did. It shaped America in politics, war and religion. Today’s book was written within a...

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The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel by James M. Boice and Philip G. Ryken.

Do you know what are the Doctrines of Grace? If you are not a Calvinist, you might fumble and try to recall your pastor’s sermon on grace. If you...

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Letters of John (NIVAC) by Gary Burge

Have you read those letters from John? He seems to repeat himself over and over again, love, truth, love, truth. Is it because he is old and can’t remember...

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The Book of Acts: A Commentary by C. Peter Wagner

When you read the Book of Acts, you can’t help but think, “Why isn’t the church today like that?” Well, maybe it can and it should. Hi, my name...

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Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy Sayers

If ever there was a category called the Theologian’s Favourite Mystery Novelist, a serious contender would be Dorothy Sayers for her Lord Peter Wimsey series. Hi, my name is...

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He Walks with Me: Enjoying the Abiding Presence of God by Warren Wiersbe

I know that Christ saved me. That happened 10, 20, 30 years ago. I know that Christ will save me. That may happen tomorrow, next year, or the next...

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